In one of the images I have been sent I can see the bust of a woman. Her face seems to be turned towards a piece of cloth, a towel of stiffened chamois leather, or a soft canvas, that hangs on the wall. It remains almost invisible to me, but her hair, assembled into a […]

Crisis of The World

Crisis of The World Àngels Miralda Tena ‘Changing of the World’ as a Condition of Contemporary Culture Talk given at conference “Culture in Crisis,” Sociology and Theatre Group, Goldsmiths University, London. May 31, 2013 In this paper I would like to argue against the concept of crisis as a finite entity. To think of crisis […]


ADDICTION: EXSCRIPTIONA story about life and art It was the summer of 2010. A delirium of sense had set in but in the kind of lower register that might ordinarily go undetected. He had become prone to whipping his brow even if the sweat was in part imaginary. This might be in part explained by […]


EXTRACTS FROM THE NOTEBOOKS OF LILY O I used to call myself a left Hegelian because then I could resist joining political groups or parties because no one called themselves a left-Hegelian in political circles. After all it was the thing that Marx had to overcome to become a proper revolutionary. I never objected to […]

When You’re Smiling

When You’re Smiling Chantal Faust Robert Crosse, Family Values, commissioned by Photoworks for the series Who’s looking at the family now?, 2013.   If extraterrestrials were to land on earth and attempt to impersonate a human family using information gleaned from random snapshots, the result would probably look a lot like Robert Crosse’s videos. […]

The Eye of the Scanner

The Eye of the Scanner Chantal Faust Catalogue essay: The Negligent Eye, curated by Jo Stockham, Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool, 2014.   Then God said, ‘Let there be light’; and there was light. And God saw that the light was good; and God separated the light from the darkness. God called the light Day, and the […]

Looking out of place

Looking out of place Chantal Faust Catalogue essay: Cate Consandine, Cut Colony, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, 2012. When its two ends are joined together, a cut piece becomes a loop. The looped cut of a filmstrip or video file forms a circuit that can replay a recorded moment for eternity. If the […]

Here’s Jonny

Here’s Jonny Chantal Faust Catalogue essay: Jonny Briggs, Monstrares, Julie Meneret Contemporary Art, New York, 2014.   Q) Why choose to go back to the very place where it all went wrong? A) omaapteekki Got to make things right. Jonny want to fix things. Want to start again. Need to recondition. Jonny’s going home. All […]

Don’t Be A Stranger

Don’t Be A Stranger Chantal Faust Catalogue essay: Between Before and After, Royal College of Art Printmaking graduation catalogue, London 2013.   ‘Today my life comes to an end. Tomorrow I shall have left the town which stretches out at my feet, where I have lived so long. It will no longer be anything but […]

Colouring in the Void

Colouring in the Void Chantal Faust Catalogue essay: Random International, Studies in Motion, Lunds Konsthall, Sweden, 2014. Redefining the edges of what constitutes a self-image, the Random International studio continually push the limits of playback surfaces. Human resemblance is reduced to its most basic perceptible formation, stimulating interactions beyond the imitation and repetition of familiar […]