Heres Jonny

Chantal Faust

Catalogue essay: Jonny Briggs, Monstrares, Julie Meneret Contemporary Art, New York, 2014.


Q) Why choose to go back to the very place where it all went wrong?
A) Got to make things right.

Jonny want to fix things. Want to start again.
Need to recondition.
Jonny’s going home.

All the pretty patterns, they all swirling, swirling.
Aw such pretty patterns. They all fall down.

Jonny making monsters. Playing with himself.
Jonny’s going backwards.
Locked in his womb.

Look see, look see.
There Daddys face. Daddy he skin.

Jonny he’s bad. Jonny is good.
Jonny he mad.
Winking through the hood.

Twist and knot. Daddy head fell off.
Poor fucke Daddy. He tied to Jonny’s toy.

Jonny is a joker. Jonny want to play.
Hiding and a-seeking.
Want to come again.

All stuck together. One are two. Two are one.
Who that coming undone?

Jonny he’s a fixer. Jonny is a tease.
Jonny can’t be beaten.
Boy he want to touch.

Splitting and poking.
Shouting and choking.

Jonny going back. Jonny giving birth.
Look Jonny pointing.
Baby he’s a-showing.

Tables set and tables turned.
Chew and spit. Suck and learn.

Going to start over. Going to really make it happen.
Going to make a scene.
Watch out here he comes. Jonny. Man-eater.


- Chantal Faust 2014