Julian Simmons, New album “TOWER”, 2018
Julian Simmons, “Black Milk”, 2015
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Isobel Wohl, “Saturn Return,” 2015 _MG_5841


To Check Availability (Click Here)Jonathan Miles, Vivien Zhang, and Teresita Dennis, “Deeper Bite,” 2015. _MG_5841


Carol Mavor, “Like a Lake” Self published, 2015. _MG_5841


Àngels Miralda, “Rhythm, Movement, Caesura” published by Lychee One, 2015. _MG_5841
Jonathan Miles, “Notes From a Cloud: Constable Country, The Painting of Filippo Caramazza,” published by Lychee One, 2014. _MG_5841


Alexander García Düttmann, “Here’s Looking at You,” mixed paint, 2014. _MG_5841