November 9th to December 6th 2017


Lychee One introduces a month of Lychee Live. The manifestation of this, are a series of pop-up exhibitions, encounters and performances. The month is both concerned with intersections and presentations which will coalesce around a notion of shattering space. This functions as an impossible image that cannot be properly speaking, understood, but in attempting to do so, places the subject on the edge of a different mode of becoming. Major and minor changes are in the air which will become manifest as a different cultural schema. The Post-Contemporary is nothing other than the drawing of new temporal maps and shattering the space that would allow this to occur.


Thursday 9th 7 – 9pm  Curator: Nigel Rolfe  Follow

Saturday 11th 7:30 – 9pm Yanwen Xiong: Installation and Performance

Monday 13th – 16th   Georges Kontis, Diego Delas and Hiu Tung Lau: Intervals of Stale Time: A Wind Blows, opening Monday 13th 6 – 9pm Times 6 – 8pm 14th,15th and 16th

Friday 17th 7 – 9pm Vernissage Musical performance by ‘dhrupadhamar’

Saturday 18th 6-9pm Opening  Jonathan Miles Paintings

Sunday 19th 6-9pm Jennifer Martin: Readings

Friday 1stDec  7:30 – 9pm Yanwen Xiong:  Installation and Performance