Neill Kidgell      Jack Killick

8 April– 12 May 2017
PV: Friday 7th April, 6–9pm

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Lychee One Gallery is pleased to present “FARCE”. This exhibition brings together new paintings by Neill Kidgell and a sculptural installation work by Jack Killick.

The works presented here share the appearance of being made up of fragments and emerge out of an improvisational approach to image and mark making, and to the manipulation of physical material and error. Both the paintings and the sculpture engage archetypal forms, quotidian or close-at-hand subject matter and material, and the desire to shift, transform and re-encounter the familiar in an unfamiliar way. Through this muddling of reality and imagination, scale, colour and shape become heightened or distorted and signification becomes ambiguous or nonsensical. In this way, for all their stillness and embeddedness in the tangible world, these works move between representation and abstraction and seek to directly address the non-fixity of perception.

Neill Kidgell (b.1981, Ipswich, UK), lives and works in London. Neill studied at the Royal Academy Schools (PG Dip Fine Art, 2013–16), Chelsea College of Art and Design(BA Hons Fine Art, 2000–03) and Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design(Foundation, 1999–2000). Recent exhibitions include: Opening Ride, Carousel, London (2017), Summer Blue, Lychee One, London (2016), RA Schools Show, Royal Academy of Arts, London (2016) and Premiums, Royal Academy of Arts, London (2015). Neill is currently a lecturer on the BA Fine Art course at Kingston University and will be the Artist in Residence at Eton College from September through December 2017.

Neill makes paintings that involve abstract form, mark making and representational suggestion. Things are worked out and edited on the surface and the traces of this process, of erasing and over painting, remain visible in the finished works. The paintings frequently look like an accumulation of fragments that hover, or oscillate, between being recognisable and not, between being or suggesting one thing and another. These elements emerge and often repeat, combine and transform within an individual work and across a number of paintings.

Jack Killick (b.London, 1985) studied at the Royal Academy Schools (PG Dip Fine Art, 2013–16),The Slade School of Art (BA Hons Fine Art, 2004–08). Recent exhibitions include: QUESTION CENTRE, Studio RCA Riverside, London (2017), Strike Site, PiARTWORKS, LONDON, (2017), CRISPS, UEL project space, (2016), RA Schools Show, Royal Academy of Arts, London (2016) and Premiums, Royal Academy of Arts, London (2015).

Jack makes paintings, drawings and sculptures which tend to culminate in immersive environments. He often paints on walls claiming the architectural nuances of a given space as a starting point to dictate large abstract forms highlighting the sculptural qualities within painting. Frequently the paintings also form the basis for sculptural environments, sets or stages that are activated by the presence of people and these installations, made from robust building materials like wood and plaster, often seem too large for the space they inhabit.

尼尔·基德戈尔 杰克·基力克


展期:2017年4月8日 至 5月12日

开幕:4月6日 晚 6-9点

荔枝一号画廊很荣幸地为您呈现 “玩趣世界”。这次展览集合了尼尔·基德戈尔的新画作和杰克·基力克 的全新雕塑装置,在万物初苏的春季,不啻一场视觉盛宴。






尼尔·基德戈尔(生于1981, 伊普斯威奇, 英国) 工作生活于伦敦。2013-16年间,他在伦敦皇家艺术学院学习并获得硕士学位。在此之前他在中央圣马丁艺术学院学习艺术并获得学士学位。他最近的展览包括2017年 Opening Ride, 伦敦Carousel空间, 2016 年 Summer Blue, 伦敦 荔枝一号画廊, 以及皇家艺术学院毕业展。 尼尔目前在金斯顿大学的艺术系本科任讲师,并将于2017年9月至12月成为伊顿公学的驻留艺术家。



杰克·基力克生于1985年,同样于2016年毕业于伦敦皇家艺术学院,在此之前他在斯莱德艺术学院取得本科学位。近期展览包括:问题中心, Studio RCA Riverside, London (2017), 罢工地点, PiARTWORKS, London, (2017), 清脆, UEL project space, London (2016), 皇家艺术学院期末展, Royal Academy of Arts, London (2016) and Premiums, Royal Academy of Arts, London (2015).