We Come From the Water

Esther Teichmann, Carol Mavor, Chantal Faust

14 March – 11 April
Private view 14 March 6-8:30PM

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Closing Event 11 April 6:15-7:30PM
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The past has a weight. Water has a weight too. We Come From the Water, features the works of three artists under the weight of memory, the sea, rivers, lakes and lagoons. Chantal Faust swims with liquidy paintings and scans of haunting ferns and sexual, salty jellyfish. Carol Mavor tells her story, entitled ‘Like a lake’, through a limited edition book and large black and white pictures, which have surfaced from the photographic bath. Esther Teichmann’s painted theatrical swamp backdrop is layered with photographs of seaweed and submerged bodies. Working across and between painting, photography, moving image and language, the pieces and voices within We Come From the Water echo and rub against one another.


Esther Teichmann, From Fractal Scars Salt Water and Tears