Saturday, 28 February
From 20:30

Thomas Yeomans, Anomie, 2014-2015, hd video, colour, sound, 14’09”

Viktor Timofeev, Let’s Play Proxyah v2 (Two-Worlds Hans Zimmer Remix), 2014-2015, hd video, colour, sound, 7′

Claire Shallcross, Dolores Haze, 2008, video shot on super 8 film, transferred to digital video, colour, with text from Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita, 2’30”

Mary Hurrell, Spine, 2015, digital video, sound, 5’45”

Pascale Berthier-Ronald, ‘Respect’, Paolo Veronese, 1575 (Three parts: Let’s get marginal…; Mexican Incarnation; Here nor there…), 2015, digital video, colour, sound, 2′

Julie Born Schwartz, 再吻一次 ONE MORE KISS, 2014, hd video, colour, sound, 5’55”

Emanuel Rossetti, Drip Event, 2013, digital video, colour, 32 sec (looped twice)

Mathis Gasser, ESGS-272, 2013-2015, hd video, colour, sound, 32’15”