City Of The Future

David Bickerstaff, Viktor Németh, Azadeh Fatehrad, Christian Nyampeta

21 February – 27 February
PV: 20 February 6-8:30PM

Booking for panel discussion on 25th February: click here


… rather than seeking to portray the past ‘as it really was’

(an unattainable ideal, in any event), should ‘actualise’

the epoch or event, with an eye towards its actuality

or contemporary relevance.

Walter Benjamin

The methodology of this project is based on re-visiting and re-creating ‘existing images’. It   investigates the archive material of the Ukrainian National Film on the fairly recent Chernobyl Disaster, which occurred on 26 April 1986. The exhibition comprises of a multi-media installation; a series of printed photographs; one channel video; and selected publications that have enriched the research. The project enhances visitor interaction by holding a day workshop, panel discussion and screening of the film Pripyat: City of the Future.