The name Lychee One derives from a desire to foster the delicate and indirect. Rather than attempting to indicate a stance we thought it better to evade one.
Lychee One will combine several distinct functions: the presentation of art, the development of intellectual culture within the arts, the building of a web site and the sponsorship of projects.
Rather than asserting a definite identity we are attempting to establish a dialogue about what type of space(s) might serve future aesthetic and critical manifestations.
One of the most distinct features of the space will be the experiment in opening out the vectors of project, exhibition, writing and performance and the new encounters that might arise within the free play of each in relationship to the other.
We aspire to represent both writers as well as the forms that might be generated by writing as an equal mode of exposition.
Given our own organisational constituency, one of the most active engagements will be in the aesthetic dialogue between contemporary Far Eastern art and Western art.
Often young artists have spoken of a need for a space functioning between a gallery and art school, so we are attempting to think through what the implications of that might be.

Lychee One is a trade name for Hanbao Limited (company registration No. 08934924)